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Remapping or 'chip tuning' is a great way to increase the performance of your Smart Car.  Our maps are safe, reliable and provide an increase in power within the tolerances of the engine components.

Your Smart Car will be less hessitant at traffic lights and roundabouts.  6th gear will accelerate even from low rpm and should you wish to take your car on a track the speed limiter is removed.

Remaps available
ForTwo 599cc
61 bhp increased to 75 bhp (+23%)
ForTwo 698cc
61 bhp increased to 82 bhp (+35%)
Roadster 698cc
82 bhp increased to 104 Bhp (+27%)
ForTwo Brabus
74 bhp increased to 102 bhp (+38%)
Roadster Brabus
101 bhp increased to 124 bhp (+23%)
Please contact us for more details and to book in.

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