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All possible repairs undertaken with the exception of spray painting panels/chassis.

Please remember to leave a reasonable amount of fuel in your car so it can be run for testing

Fixed prices as of February 2016 (assuming all parts are easily accessible)

Brake discs and pads fitted- £165
ForTwo Brake light switch replace (includes part) - £75 
Front headlight H7 bulb replace (includes bulb) - £15
Exhaust fitting and removal (includes new bolts) - call for price
Clutch adjustment - £47.50
Clutch actuator replacement and set up - call for price
Brake fluid change (can only be done on a Saturday as I require my assistant) - £85
Reluctor rings including fitting - £100 single side or £160 for both sides
Roadster wiper motor fitted - call for price

All extra labour £55 per hour


All diagnostics are charged at £47.50

Accessories, Addons & TAN Codes

Cruise control installed and activated - £170
All other TAN numbers supplied at £50 to activate such as paddleshift (paddleshift wheel required)
Auto function requires new SE drive - All roadsters and 698cc fortwo's (sorry, does not apply to earlier 599cc & latest 999cc cars)

Key Re-coding

We're pleased to announce our latest service of Key Fob Re-Coding starting from as little as £50 for up to 3 keys.
Simply give us a call to book your Smart into our workshop.
Your vehicle and keys are required to be present in order to carry out this work; new key fobs are available to purchase should you wish to replace any lost ones.

New Key Fob - £70 each
Fob Re-Coding (up to 3 keys) - £50
2nd Hand Key Fob (if in stock) - £45

Other Services

SAM Unit Protective Coating - £55
Ultrasonic Leak Detection - £30

Contact: 01555 870481 - 07823498705

Gamekeepers Cottage, Monteith House Road,Carstairs,ML11 8QP

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