Engine & Size

1.1 Petrol

1.3 & 1.5 Petrol

1.5 Brabus

1.5 Diesel

A- Service





Oil & Filter change

B- Service





Oil, Filters and Spark Plug change

1.1 Petrol
A – Service = £110
B – Service = £205

1.3 & 1.5 Petrol
A – Service = £120
B – Service = £215

1.1 Brabus
A – Service = £120
B – Service = £285

1.1 Diesel
A – Service = £130
B – Service = £180

A Service = Oil and Filter Change
B Service = Oil, Filters and Spark Plugs

Intermediate Service 
(Oil & Oil Filter Only): £58.50

This facility is provided for owners of smart’s who wish to change their oil & oil filter inbetween their normal service schedules; it will exclude all other checks associated with an A – Service and is expected to take no longer than half an hour – An additional record will be added to your service book.

A and B service include the following:

Reset Service indicator
Steering system (check for damage) 
Electrical System (check functionality)
Handbrake function 
Seatbelts (check operation and fittings)
Lights (check all) 
Windscreen wiper and fluid check
Lubricate door hinges/flaps 
Brake fluid (check level and colour)
Coolant level and protection level 
Exhaust (visual inspection for leaks/damage) 
Engine (visual inspection for leaks/damage) 
Condition of V Belts
Transmission (visual inspections for leaks/damage) 

Master Brake Cylinder (visual inspection for leaks/damage) 
Underside of vehicle for damage 
Brake Components (check wear level)
Brake lines (visual inspection for leaks/damage) 
CVJ covers (check for leaks)
Bushes/Bearings (check for wear/play) 
Wheels and Tyres (wear/damage)
Brake disks (check wear and corrosion) 
Tyre Pressure
Wheel Bolt torque 
Top up coolant and screenwash
ECU/Diagnostics (read/clear trouble codes as required)