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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
Righto, as told I have our diesel forfour up for sale at only £1400 (fixed price), its the 68bhp version and drives well. fresh MOT

this was previously owned by my good friend nick and sold to a customer and found itself back to us. the ONLY reason for selling is my wife wanted a newer forfour so this needs to go

fantastic MPG and no DPF which is great as a diesel.

will come with a towbar (still to be fitted), roof bars and a luggage cover at this price.

for £1550 you can have all the above, a spare engine (inc injectors) and a brabus exhaust, as we wont need any of the forfour stuff anymore

its a private sale as its our car, if there was any issues I would let you know, I will be sad to see this go but mainly as I am such a cheapskate and like low hassle cheap running cars
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
hey people the lovely little petrol 451 is away and I have this one to go, its NOT mines and the customers bought the same colour but lower milage as he loves them so much.

please share on to help find an owner up here so I get to keep looking after it, it will come with a years mot and an 'a' service

cheap for what it is, great mpg and ZERO roadtax.

the lowest is £2250 which is great value, as usual I am selling some vehicles for customers and taking nothing for it, the way I look at it is you lovely people made it possible to live where I do and get to wake up to a job I love so much. giving a parking space is the least I can do.

Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
my wifes 54 plate forfour diesel at 128k miles on clock will be for sale. massive bootspace as the rear seats can move, 5 seater near full mot (few scrapes due to age) but MEGA mpg and a manual, will come with a towbar (to be fitted), roof bars at only £1400 (these pics are a few years old as I havent got out to clean it yet) or for £1550 I will sell it with a spare engine/injectors and brabus end exhaust to let all my main forfour spares away. these cars can do a massive amount of milage and cheaply

it was owned by a good friend and looked after, by a customer and looked after until we got it again.

why are we selling I hear you ask... my wife wanted a new car to go to the shops which is the newer forfour and I need to get modding so we sadly need to let this go
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
I LOVE it when I get to save a smart, MHD heads away was to be stripped but now being saved.

The owner has his 451 fortwo for sale at £1995 with no issues if anyone after one !!!

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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
Handbrake come up to high and sure why, best to take apart and check. Was hoping was just the rear shoes but instead a leaky cylinder

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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd4 weeks ago
What a difference a couple years makes, 5 then and well over 20 last week.

Thank you so much to customers new and old for making the trip out to me, it's always appreciated and hope you know they are always cared for when here.

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