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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 days ago
Sorry to say we are snowed in here again with more snow on the way.

The farm road can be a problem to navigate and unless booked in I would advise to leave visiting the next couple of days.

Also with the garage being so cold it will inevitably put work back again sorry for delays but at 1 degree it's cold on the old hands.

Hope your all staying safe and warm
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 week ago
the microclimate has started again with the cold weather, garage is at 1 degree and i am trying to keep working but its very slippy to get the cars in (i took in three last night to keep them flowing)

please remember its a queing system just now, i am sorry for any wait but cant help with the weather unfort
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
so sorry to report to people as the weather will not change this week we are closed, it pains me to say this as i love working.

people are still dropping off cars for prepping for me opening (and hopefully get water supply again) so there may be a wait for work to be done.

its a horrible start to the year especially for someone who preffers to have a busy head

I am still taking email and calls though should people need that
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
sorry to let people know due to the weather here the garage is -6.6 degrees and unfort I wont be open today also as its near new year and its not getting warm I will have to stay closed just now.

as the cars are getting older the chances or door cables snapping and the snow and ice its also proving difficult to even get them into the workshop.

rest assured we will be back in the new year and get onto all outstanding work.

thanks again for all the continued support through ALL the years not just last year and hope your all keeping warm and safe

(telephone line still open to take breakdowns and future bookings)
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 month ago
+++Closed sat 19th December+++

I dont take enough time off and if anyone was listening I am turning 40 so my #gift# to my old self is a wee day out the garage which is rare as you all know I love being in here.

between xmas and new year is same as usual by appointment only (or drop off agreed)

cant believe I am this old and what a year this has been but lets hope 2021 is better for everyone.

thanks again for the people who travel to me and the ones I have particualry got to save this year as the cars are getting older and I love keeping them on the road
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 months ago
if any customers get a second can I ask to click on --

https://bit.ly/smartcarscotlandreview to leave me a wee google review

I aim my best for top marks from helping every customers and if you can leave even a rating it would be greatfully recieved if been in the garage. also any issues as always please contact me asap so I can help