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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 days ago
ok so i am stripping down one of my own personal cars due to the lack of time and a few people I know needing bits, heres some of the bits I have left

pick up only and some of these are pretty damn rare, message me on my own account for any prices but pickup only for now and the more you buy the less the price 🙂
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 week ago
I am so very sorry to tell everyone this but again theres a 4 week wait at the garage

I stopped taking in things to catch up but when i opened the gates back up to trickle it in i got a few more than i thought

i want to help each and everyone of you all but I must take my days off as informed by the wife and she is right.

that said with the recommissioning jobs/servicing and that when people in they want me to complete everything the diary really is full again and this seem to be a re-occuring theme now.

I wish i had more time to sell some of the spare parts to people also but its just not been possible. i will still take in projects but its on the understanding i cannot even look at them until 4 weeks and that they will be in the car park until them

thank you all again for everything that you help me achieve, your trust and your cars its very much appreciated by my family xx
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
This is from my home yesterday.the people shooting were at Carstairs mains farm.they say they were shooting pheasants.

There were no pheasants, but since I objected to planning for the diary farm this is what happens.

The shots come over the garage as you can hear and a friend's car was damaged

If anyone has any suggestions how to approach this and what to do I am all ears, hell share it far and wide but the 'you live in the country' isn't quite cutting it

This is my home and where I work from my 10 year runs around here and I have customers cars here
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
'Recommission my smart'

its a phrase more than a few of the customers have said over the last few months and the jobs I have had to do on them are quite a lot of days and some, weeks.

it struck me today thats the last couple of months this has been the main jobs with the smaller jobs although getting done the cars are getting older.

remembering my wife and I become owners in 2003 its been a while eh, anyways what i am getting at is I am LOVING the though people are using me and my expertise to get them on the road and not on the scrapheap and need people to know on top of all the jobs I do this is always a labour of care and love. Hope you all have a great weekend
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
I normally check the weather in advance but didn't expect this.

Please anyone supposed to be in today I haven't called or indeed anyone thinking of coming to the garage please do not.

The joys of being in a quiet road isnt as fun when this happens and we have delays hours at the school as well

Should be fine for tomorrow so I see although I am glad I have today's work already in the garage !!!
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
Well that's me back, only took a few days off over Xmas as still catching up.

Once again a massive thank you to my busiest year ever, I am humbled to think so many people travel so many miles for me.

As always I am sorry as to make sure every smart and indeed customer is looked after it takes time.

I still have about 2-3 weeks of work and taking dates there after.

Thank you for everyone's patience, custom and support for myself my family and my work.the next few days may be hard due to weather though !!!