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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd4 days ago
fun fact for the day,

actually its not really that fun but could save you a fortune. do you know from 2015 with the introduction with the 453 fortwo and forfour vehicles mercedes changed to an online digital service book. most garages do not have access to this or dont update it. it can obviously cause issues with warranty and indeed the resale value of the vehicle.

at Smart Car Scotland I not only have access to it I make sure personally when services completed this is marked up for people so there really is no need to go to mercedes unless your finance company advices (even then they cant tell you where to take it only let you know what you have signed up for)
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd5 days ago
Just to say to customers as a few of you are coming from a while away in two cars, the local Hill to climb is Tinto, its a great trek and a lot of peace and quiet. If when your there or you just fancy amazing tasting food please visit https://www.facebook.com/damndelicioushomedelivery/ there just around the corner from it. If you like your Meat then this is the place to go the taste is just amazing it will make you visit me more just for getting the food from there 😉
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 week ago
+++weather update+++

ok people just to say the main roads didnt seem to great from Lanark last night but the yard and indeed the access road was fine.

I will try and keep updated but the trains seem to be on time

the joys of countrylife and even now still adjusting to it, thankfully all smarts safe where they are

if in doubt and your dropping off always call to make sure
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
Its funny I always keep apologising for not posting enough on here and ever getting parts for sale. truth is I just dont want to let anyone down but one pair of hands, that said...

I have a few bits for sale, I HOPE by end of next week it should quieten down and let me get back on for selling fancy bits for people

these are just some of the parts and the prices (picked up unless you organise your own courier)

Brabus Roadster Exhaust - these are over £1500 from mer, its had some welding on the bracket but exhaust fine with lambda sensor - £450

Pioneer AVIC-F310BT Double Din Sat Nav with removable screen for a 451 - will come with surround and all wires inc the gps and usb ports - £275

Roadster Leather seats - (one passenger has a tear in stitching, these are heated with airbags) - £150

the blue MHD has to be stripped so near all parts available inc engine/panels/seats/ecu+sam+key/alloys

if you can share the post that would be awesome and as always thank you everyone for your custom/patiance and indeed support of my work. the fact you all give me something I want to wake up to do and made a home for my family means the world to me 🙂
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
Lovely wee fortwo 451 in yesterday from #miyoapparel

They were told by four garages couldn't fix the issue and indeed to scrap it, it wasn't even a big job to me and sorted just over an hour.they then decided to get the full service as well as it going again.

The car may be sold for £1900 if you contact them direct on 07730526689 it's a pure model £30 a year roadtax at 47k

Remember everyone don't bin your smart or listen to other garages, send it in to #smartcarscotland as if actually gives me joy to get them going again #save #our #smarts #smartfortwo #smartforfour #smartroadster #smart451 #smart453 all smarts all day and feels like everyday 🙂

Lastly the company can offer to wrap your smart cars in digital printing so you can have the car you want, I must say out of all wraps I have seen this one looks the best @ Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 month ago
I keep forgetting to post up to people what I do in a day, maybe some people may find it interesting where as I hate giving bad news but am happy that I can at least fix it.

car would start but not drive....