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Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd5 days ago
I don't know but you put on an offer and people go #madforit

I am never good at #blowingmyowntrumpet but well this is me, what do I do... Just #smarts as in #smartfortwo #smartroadster #smartforfour #smart451 #smart453 and indeed in various colours

Been at this 13 years in business and it's a celebration more details on #smartcarscotland #facebook page for details

Needless to say I am very #proud and #blessed with customers who travel so far just to see me sort them back in the road
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd1 week ago
+++++++Celebration time 13 years going strong+++++++

well in March thats me 13 years going (been working on them since 2003 mind) and started from the small garage to the smart haven I seem to have here. Not gonna lie as the only person here day to day it can me hard but you fine people have kept me going and got me where I am


so with that in mind I am going to offer 20% off all remaps and tuning i provide for the month of March and April 2020 - https://smartcarscotland.co.uk/performance/ please note this can be done by post but postage would have to be sorted by the person and a £27.50 charge for the extra labour

Also free clutch adjustments on 'b' services where applicable for the cars

lastly on smart 453 fortwo and forfour models I can offer coding for fog lights/auto wipers/turn off stop start permanently/cornering lights/if updated head unit add android auto. the price would be £50 for the 1st code and £25 for subsequent if done at one time and part of a service

THANK YOU to all who travel so far to get me, I try to say how much I appreciate it, this job has gave me purpose no other did, it gave a fantastic place for our family to live and a chance for me to watch my daughter grow up and run around me

THANK YOU to the friends I have made and the ones who put up with me when pulling what I have left of my hair out. THANK YOU to everyone who will share this post to all other smart pages for me (as I dont like to bother others)

maybe one day the page may hit 1000 likes but I am more than greatful for what I have in the trust you all have given me and long may it last
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd2 weeks ago
in to strip soon a fortwo NIGHTrun brabus edition, feel free to share on (only parts paid for upfront will be reserved)

I am aware the parts are dirty I have no time just now but always like to share whats going on when I get some
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
fun fact for the day,

actually its not really that fun but could save you a fortune. do you know from 2015 with the introduction with the 453 fortwo and forfour vehicles mercedes changed to an online digital service book. most garages do not have access to this or dont update it. it can obviously cause issues with warranty and indeed the resale value of the vehicle.

at Smart Car Scotland I not only have access to it I make sure personally when services completed this is marked up for people so there really is no need to go to mercedes unless your finance company advices (even then they cant tell you where to take it only let you know what you have signed up for)
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd3 weeks ago
Just to say to customers as a few of you are coming from a while away in two cars, the local Hill to climb is Tinto, its a great trek and a lot of peace and quiet. If when your there or you just fancy amazing tasting food please visit https://www.facebook.com/damndelicioushomedelivery/ there just around the corner from it. If you like your Meat then this is the place to go the taste is just amazing it will make you visit me more just for getting the food from there 😉
Smart Car Scotland Ltd
Smart Car Scotland Ltd4 weeks ago
+++weather update+++

ok people just to say the main roads didnt seem to great from Lanark last night but the yard and indeed the access road was fine.

I will try and keep updated but the trains seem to be on time

the joys of countrylife and even now still adjusting to it, thankfully all smarts safe where they are

if in doubt and your dropping off always call to make sure