Terms and Rules of the garage

1. Please remember this is my home, the garage is just part of the grounds and I would expect it to
be treated with the same respect you would give your own home.

2. Please try to book an appointment whenever possible, as I work alone it takes me off what I am doing and puts back all other work.

3. All bills must be settled within one week of an invoice being sent. Vehicle collection is not so strict once the invoice is paid but should this not be sorted I will, unfortunately, have to impose a storage charge after this date unless further work is agreed.

4. Payment by bank transfer is the preferred payment option for ease of accounting. 

5. The mobile number outside hours is for emergency breakdowns and arrange a drop off time for a

6. The garage will be closed on weekdays between 2.20-3.20 for the school run.

7. Any businesses that phone for advice will not be entertained at all.

8. The garage operates a 3 strike policy for missed appointments. If there is no great reason for cancelling, unfortunately, it’s not fair to other customers if I continued to allow this to happen.

9. Upon entering the private road to access the garage please keep your speed down.

10. Please stick to allotted appointment times and if running late make sure you call to avoid missing your slot.

11. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.


13. Outstanding bills must be paid before a vehicle can leave the premises.

14.  Minimum charge is £27.50 for any time spent on a vehicle.